Lady P is an attention seeker

Lady P

Lady P is a dark, sophisticated tortoiseshell who is just two years old. She is very affectionate and loving with just a hint of tortie mischief reflected in the ginger stripe down the side of her nose. When in company, Lady P will reach out one little white paw every so often as a signal that she wants even more attention!

In her previous home, Lady P liked to spend most of her time indoors, venturing out on the odd occasion to take in the air. Indoor bathroom facilities are therefore an essential for this lady, as his her own personal cat flap entrance so she can come and go at her leisure.

If you are interested in adopting Lady P, please contact


The joys of fostering

kittyContrary to what many people assume, saying goodbye to a foster cat is a rewarding experience, says Brighton-based Cats Protection volunteer, Olivia. In only one year of being a fosterer, Olivia has helped five cats to find their forever homes.

“I can recommend that someone considers fostering cats,” says Olivia. “Many people have said to me they think they wouldn’t be able to give a cat away, but it is much more rewarding than people think. It is a great feeling to know that a cat is going to a really good home and it is also the nicest circumstance to say goodbye to a cat.”

Olivia decided to become a fosterer for several reasons. She doesn’t have access to any outside space, so felt having a cat on a long-term basis would not be fair on the cat. Also, she is unsure for how many years she will live in Brighton so didn’t think she could commit to having a cat for a long time. “I did have a cat that lived for 18 years, so while it is lovely to have a cat, at this stage I can’t really have a cat for that many years.” Continue reading

Our mew-vellous cats



Currently, at Cats Protection Brighton, we have three pawsome kitties looking for their forever homes. We have two lovely ladies and a handsome boy. So here is an opportunity to get to know our cats a little better and if you, or anyone you know is looking for a feline friend, then don’t hesitate to give us a call 01273 610 306 or email (Photo: Teddy) Continue reading

How I stopped my cat waking me up at 3am

When I adopted two cute furballs of fun from Cats Protection Worthing I was so excited for lots of cuddles, play time and two little friends welcoming me home from work each day. I’ve always owned cats and was pretty confident that I knew how to train them.

Feline Friends Brighton

Bluebell and Forrest looking adorable

Little did I realise that it would be a little while before I would be allowed to lie-in at the weekend, or even sleep through the night without being awoken by what felt like a million meows, scratching at the be/bedroom door/linen basket/anything they could find and standing on my head. Continue reading

Top five reason to neuter your cat

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Why neuter your cat? This is a perfectly valid question and one many cat owners will face at a certain point in their kitten’s life. Here at Cats Protection Brighton and District we advocate the neutering of cats and there are several reasons why we feel this is an essential part of pet ownership. This is our second blog post in our neutering series which will run through April, so we have put together five simple, clear reasons why you should neuter. Continue reading