Tallulah is a tortie tootsie


Tallulah arrived at Cats Protection on 7 June and was greeted by two of the local boy cats who came to catch a glimpse of the tortie tootsie in her pen. Tallulah played hard to get, greeting them with a hiss and some serious tail thrashing.

One the second evening, Tallulah gave her fosterer a bit of a fright, seemingly disappearing into thin air. On closer inspection she was playing hard to find, perched on the top of the door into her sleeping area. A few days in at her temporary outdoor pen residence and she now spends most her time on one of the more comfortable custom built perches in the pen or on a human lap when she gets the chance.

Tallulah is a beautiful, sassy young lady and a bit of a flirt, responding as she does when her name is called. Think Jodie Foster’s character of Tallulah in the film Bugsy Malone and you’ll get the idea!

Keep an eye on Cats Protection’s Brighton & Hove website if you think Tallulah the tortie is the girl for you. She will be looking for a permanent home very soon.



CP clocks up 90 years

90 year birthday

May marks the 90th anniversary of Cats Protection, a charity established in 1927 by a group of cat lovers, led by Miss Jesse Wade. The purpose of the then-named Cats Protection League was to “exclusively” promote the interests of cats, at a time when cats were generally regarded as pests. The name was changed to Cats Protection in 1998. By 2012, CP had rehomed its 1,000,000th cat.

Today, there are an estimated 11 million pet cats in the UK, which represents around one quarter of all households owning a cat. CP is undertaking research to establish numbers of stray cats (estimates are 2 million). More than 150,000 stray and abandoned cats enter shelter care in the UK every year. Continue reading

Outdoor pen a first for Brighton & Hove

outdoor pen.jpgBrighton and Hove Cats Protection now has its first outdoor pen, enabling cats from the local area to be taken in and fostered. The pen, at the home of Brighton & Hove branch coordinator Teresa Dee in the Surrenden area of Brighton, was launched with a party on May Day.

Measuring 13×14 feet in total, the pen was erected in just one and a half days. “There was no disruption at all,” says Teresa. “The material arrived in flatpack form and was put together and wired by CP approved builders and electricians.”

The result is a “very sturdy” outdoor pen with plenty of room for up to three cats (for example, a cat and her kittens) to be housed. The outdoor pens are important, enabling local cats to be fully health checked and transferred to indoor fosterers if necessary before rehoming. Continue reading

Our mew-vellous cats



Currently, at Cats Protection Brighton, we have three pawsome kitties looking for their forever homes. We have two lovely ladies and a handsome boy. So here is an opportunity to get to know our cats a little better and if you, or anyone you know is looking for a feline friend, then don’t hesitate to give us a call 01273 610 306 or email homing.cpbrighton@gmail.com. (Photo: Teddy) Continue reading

11 of the best reasons why you should adopt a cat

They say cats have nine lives, but hopefully they will have just one owner within those lifetimes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case which is why Cats Protection, as a whole, rehomes and reunites around 46,000 cats and kittens each year across the UK.

At Cats Protection Brighton and District, we are looking to rehome our third cat, pretty Diesel (pictured below) with lots more to follow.

There are hundreds of reasons for rehoming a cat. Below, we have outlined a few of the best, so you might consider owning a rescue a cat rather than buying one:

1. Adopting a cat gives a homeless cat a forever home, ensuring they are no longer in cat care or living on the streets without food and a somewhere warm to rest and relax

2. They are not called rescue cats for no reason. By rehoming a cat you are saving its life, giving it a second chance, while also creating space for us to rescue other homeless cats

3. You get a warm feeling from rehoming a cat that you won’t get from buying one. Cats in need of a home want nothing more than an owner, a best friend, who will love and care for them for the rest of their lives – that could be you

4. When you adopt you get a healthy pet. We ensure our cats are as fit as a fiddle before they are rehomed, which includes ensuring their jabs are up to date

5. You can be sure you are not supporting irresponsible cat and kitten breeders and sellers

6. A rescue cat can be just as carefree as a brand new kitten or cat. Many people may assume rescue cats have been given away due to behavioural issues but actually, many cats are put into care due to a change in the owner’s lifestyle and they can no longer look after the pet

7. Rescued cats offer you fantastic companionship and thrive under loving, care and cuddles. A cat that is given a routine, a consistent home and lots of love will grow in confidence and purrr to their heart’s content

8. Adopting a cat can be a more affordable option, as you usually just pay a small donation to us, so we can keep on helping more cats in need

9. We have both your best interests at heart and will match you up with the cat that will suit your needs and your lifestyle

10. We can help you with the cost of neutering your cat and we provide you with guidance and information to help you care for your cat

11. And finally, the most obvious one, rescue cats are simply adorable!

If you would like to rehome a cat please visit our website where you can find out more about Diesel. Watch this space as there will be more kitties coming soon.

Cats Protection Brighton & District turns one this month and to celebrate, we have launched a cat selfie competition. Visit our Facebook page to find out how you can enter.