William comes in from the cold

William 1
William is a big cuddly boy, estimated to be about 18 months old. He has Teddy Bear looks with a chubby cheeked face, round expressive eyes and a pink nose. His fur is dense and is an appealing shade of grey with white. Continue reading


A timid twosome

mia and star 1Coming into care can be a traumatic experience for cats, and Mia and Star, who are the latest residents in Cats Protection Brighton and Districts outdoor pen, have so far been quite timid and a bit jumpy. Star (pictured above) in particular has taken a long time to become settled, although each day she becomes a little bit bolder. Continue reading

Betty is a black beauty

use this one

Betty, a sleek black beauty, came into Cats Protection care on 11 December 2017 and will be ready to rehome from Christmas Day.
She is a bit of a pampered puss and has her own monogrammed cushion and purple throw. Her super-glossy inky black fur and slightly rounded shape are indicators of how well she was looked after by her previous owner.
Until now, Betty has been an indoor cat, with some access to a balcony and a small walled garden in the past. We would like her new home to be one with access to the outdoors, where she can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.
It will take her time to feel comfortable in her new surroundings. She has found it difficult to adapt to our admissions pen and seems anxious and confused at times. However, she is quite chatty.
Betty is very affectionate and loves to sit in a lap. She also likes to be stroked and will sleep on a bed. In her previous home, she was allowed to roam the house freely and found a number of favourite places to sleep!

If you’d like to find out more about Betty, please contact us here:

www.cats.org.uk/brighton/adopt-a-cat or by phone 01273 610 306

Angel delight

IMG_0001 (1)

Angel is a Burmese mixed-breed beauty with incredibly soft fur and a very playful nature. The latest cat to come into Brighton & District Cat Protection care, she will be ready to rehome on 10 December.

Around five years old, Angel’s markings are very similar to a tortie point Burmese. Her fur is a warm cream colour with seal coloured. To finish off her good looks, she has beautiful pale blue eyes. The colour of her eyes indicates she is not a pure-bred Burmese.

Despite this, she has a very Burmese-like personality: confident, sociable, outgoing, lively and a little mischievous. She locked her fosterer out of part of the outdoor pen the first morning she arrived. It was possible she had climbed up and tampered with the lock!

Angel needs to be the only cat in a household as she wants the humans all to herself. At her previous home, she would stop the other family cats from coming in via the cat flap. She is very chatty and quite attention seeking.

If you’d like to find out more about Angel, please contact us here:

www.cats.org.uk/brighton/adopt-a-cat or by phone 01273 610 306

A winning Oscar

2017-10-03 15.36.29The most recent feline to enjoy the hospitality of our outdoor pen is Oscar, a chubby chap with a big personality.

Fosterer Teresa thinks he looks not dissimilar to the late, great Pavarotti, being smartly dressed in a tuxedo-like coat and a little on the large side!

Oscar arrived in our care on 19 September and initially was a little moody and depressed. He also frightened easily, hissing and baring his teeth from the safety of his cat hide. But this didn’t last long and he was soon coming forward for food and displaying his better characteristics.

He now happily potters around his pen and makes full use of his Cats Protection feline fort, which offers a variety of levels on which he can sit and observe the world around him.

Our vet and some blood tests have confirmed that Oscar is in good health. He does lack mobility, but this seems to be down to his weight only. He is on a weight management diet, which includes good quality wet food twice a day. His dry food is provided via a variety of feeding enrichment toys – he has to work to get the food!

Now he is a little lighter, happier, more mobile and very much friendlier. He will occasionally hiss when someone comes into the vicinity but as soon as he realises there is no danger he turns into a real sweetie, accepting lots of strokes.

Oscar will benefit from living with someone who is committed to help him with his weight management plan and to give him love and attention with the occasional playtime to keep him active.

Doris is a darling!


Our latest feline looking for a new home is Doris, a quirky seven year old girl. As you can see, she has a lovely long coat, which is very soft to the touch. Her markings are striking, including a little big and a fetching moustache!

Doris likes a routine, but has an endearing nature and unique personality. She is a little bit shy and would probably enjoy a quiet home environment. Once she gets to know you, she is friendly and vocal. She likes a fuss and will sit next to you on the sofa and have a chat.

She loves food and playing with her catnip toys or a piece of string. She equally enjoys looking out the window, watching the world go by. She would also suit a home with a garden.

If you’d like to find out more about Doris, visit http://www.cats.org.uk/brighton/adopt-a-cat/?cid=197668


Meet Bailey and Boo


Our most recent cats up for adoption are brother and sister Bailey and Boo. Confident and easy going, they get along with each other very well and we are looking for a new owner who can take them both.

Bailey, a ginger long-hair, is a very sweet and handsome boy, the bigger and more confident of the two. He is curious and quite intelligent. He has already worked out how to open his fosterer’s kitchen cupboards! He follows his fosterer around and will curl up on any available lap.

Boo, by contrast, is a little more timid, but very affectionate. A beautiful tortoiseshell long-hair, she loves being brushed. She is very gentle and will also settle on your lap.

Bailey and Boo are happy in each other’s company and are often found curled up together or grooming each other. This is why we’d like to rehome them together. Bailey has met a toddler and took it in his stride, although Boo kept her distance.