Bravo for black cats!

Sooty and Sweep hanging out in gardenOctober 27 is National Black Cat Day. Why have a day to celebrate black cats? Surprisingly for those of us who own a black cat, this colouring is not generally favoured by the public.

A Cats Protection survey of 2000 people found that more than 70 per cent said they wouldn’t adopt a cat based on its colour. But in another survey of 1000 people, CP found that when shown pictures of black, tabby and ginger cats, the respondents perceived that the personality of the black cat would be less playful, friendly, vocal and attention-seeking than the tabby or ginger variety.

As the owner of a playful, friendly, very vocal and incredibly attention-seeking black cat, I find this hard to believe. I also find it difficult to understand why black and white coloured cats are also more difficult to home; nearly half of all the cats in CPs care have this colouring and take longer to be adopted than average. My cat’s two neighbours are black and white (one more white than black, the other more black than white). I might be biased, but I find all three felines very attractive and full of personality.

Apparently, the survey respondents believed that a black cat was less exciting than a tabby or ginger. However, we know that looks don’t determine personality. Black cats have plenty of character and need homes just as much as other colours.

Yes, black cats are sometimes difficult to photograph. I have many pictures of my cat (and her brother who died a few years ago) and in a lot all you can make out is a couple of black blobs. But this isn’t a reason to pass over a black cat if you are thinking of adopting a cat. Just keep taking those snaps and you’ll end up with some real beauties.

In many cultures, black cats are considered good luck. This is the case in Japan and Asia, where the ‘fortune cats’ (the figurines with a raised paw) draw good luck, wealth and prosperity to their owners. These are often white, but also come in black; the black varieties not only bring luck, but also frighten away demons, evil energy and stalkers. The Japanese also believe that a black cat will bring a single woman many suitors (I’d imagine the cat doesn’t drag the suitors in itself!)

In France, it is believed that if a black cat is shown proper respect, such as being given the first bite of dinner and having a nice place to sleep, the cat will reward their owner with wealth and good luck.  There are more tales of the luck black cats can bring here: Heather McKenzie



Love story

258935444_0b7e52f6b3_bWe all know we love our cats but how do we know our cats love us? Below are a few signs that the feeling is mutual. But even if you suspect it isn’t, that’s part of the attraction of cats – they are not needy!


If your cat greets you as you come through your front door with its tail up, it is happy to see you! Acknowledging that greeting with a pat on the head will be very much appreciated by your cat.

The same applies if your cat rubs around your legs, although that’s mainly because it is trying to scent mark you so you no longer smell of the outside. But give kitty a pat on the head anyway.

If your cat collapses on the ground in front of you and shows his or her tummy, that’s another greeting and a sign that they are happy and relaxed to see you. Contrary to what most of us do, it isn’t considered top cat etiquette to rub their tummy. They’d prefer you gave them a gentle rub around the head instead.

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Meet the team: Cathy, one of our cat fosterers

Cats Protection Brighton & District was set up just over a year ago and is run by a group of cat-mad volunteers. We thought you might like to know who these volunteers are, so we’re running a series of profiles about each and every one of them.

Meet Cathy


Cathy, one of our lovely cat fosterers

What is your volunteering role, and the best thing about it?

Foster carer. I help a homeless cat to live in a happy and stress-free environment where they can be pampered up until they find their forever home.
What is your job outside of Cats Protection?
Receptionist at People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals.
Do you have any cats?
My foster cat Diesel (below).
Diesel cat at CP Brighton

Diesel is currently up for adoption

Kitty profile
Name: Diesel
Age: 7
Breed: Domestic short-hair
Likes face rubs and back strokes, playing with toy mice, Felix cat food, fleece blanket, peace and quiet!
Dislikes sudden movements, the sound of a plastic bag, being touched on the flanks
The moment you knew you were a cat person…
Probably the first time I ever saw a cat. What’s not to love about these gorgeous creatures?
What would you do if you were a cat for an hour?
Wow my friends with my new found yoga skills!
Give us two interesting non-cat related facts about yourself.
  • My eyes are different colours: one is green, the other hazel
  • My two biggest hates at school were the cross-country run and science but now my favourite sport is trail running and last year I finished a degree in biological science!

Diesel is still looking for a home. Find out more about him at Cats Protection Brighton & District where you can also discover how you can help us rescue more cats in need.

Meet the team: Tiffany, our social media officer

Cats Protection Brighton & District was set up less than a year ago and is run by a group of cat-mad volunteers. We thought you might like to know who these volunteers are, so we’re running a series of profiles about each and every one of them. Here’s our third profile…

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany, social media officer

Tiffany, social media officer

What is your volunteering role, and the best thing about it?

I am part of the publicity team, so my aim is to get everyone in and around Brighton aware of our branch of Cats Protection – although that might take a while.

I help manage the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and write a lot of the blog posts we publish each week. I get such a kick out of seeing our ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ increase and it has been a great challenge to get the blog started. There was a big sigh of relief when I realised the first post had actually been read by some wonderful cat lovers.

The best thing about being a volunteer is helping to find cats new homes and knowing they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives. Although the hard work is done by our rehoming manager Natalie, I hope the noise we make around the cats in our care on our social media accounts helps find more cat lovers for our kitties.

I also love it when a missing or lost cat that we have posted about is found – that is extremely satisfying.

What is your job outside Cats Protection?

I am an ex-journalist and currently write content for a marketing agency in Worthing, where my job is basically to write blogs for our clients to put on their websites. It’s a really varied and exciting role and it’s right by the sea – much more picturesque than London, where I used to work.

Do you have any cats?

I have two kittens who will be fully grown cats in a matter of weeks. They are rescue cats from the Cats Protection Worthing branch and they are house cats because they suffer from slight brain damage. But they are healthy and happy and it just means they need to be played with a bit more frequently, otherwise they won’t let me sleep!

The moment you knew you were a cat person…

When I couldn’t live without my first cat, a stray tabby cat called Tiger, who my Mum took in shortly after my Grandad died when I was a child. She was my best friend and showed me that cats have real personalities.

Kitty profile
Forrest & Bluebell: Both almost 1, domestic long-hair
Likes: Fishing rod toys, any type of food, waking up early, wrestling
Dislikes: The hairdryer, closed doors, not being able to jump out of windows

What would you do if you were a cat for an hour?

I would sunbathe and purr very loudly. I’m so jealous of my kittens when I’m getting ready to go to work and they’re relaxing on my bed in the light of the window.

Two interesting non-cat related facts about yourself?

  • I have a Beastie Boys tattoo behind my left ear, which I got when member MCA died
  • My other half has banned me from eating golden syrup after watching me drink it from the bottle one pancake day

Another volunteer profile will be up soon! Find out more about Cats Protection Brighton & District and how you can help us.

Announcing our birthday photo competition winners!

As part of our 1st birthday celebrations, we held a photo competition with one simple brief:

“Send us a cat selfie of you and your cat enjoying a happy moment together!”

We received a number of entries – thank you to everyone who entered! The results are as follows…


Jeremy and Markos

Jeremy Rowe with Markos

Lauren and Miem

Lauren van Haght with Miem

Alec and Ozzy

Alec and Ozzy, by Hannah Smith

RUNNER-UP: Morris with his owner, Lynne Jury Newton

Morris and Lynne

Morris with Lynne Jury Newton

We loved the way Morris found the very right moment to brush up against Lynne’s face. A sign of real affection from cat to cat owner!

WINNER: Duke with his dad!

This photo, sent in by Sharan Shesh Gorringe, is like a piece of art. Nothing is better than having your cat snuggle up to you and share the same moment of peace. Both Duke and his dad seem totally at ease!


It was a mighty job to find a winner out of all the great cat selfies submitted, but we hope you agree with our choices. A lovely bundle of goodies will be on its way to Sharan soon, while Lynne will be receiving a runner-up prize.

Did you miss out? Look out for announcements on our next competition on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Come to our pub quiz – it would be a cat-astrophe if you missed it

Is your general knowledge up to scratch? Are you the cat’s whiskers when it comes to pub quizzes? Would you like to help our feline friends in need? Well then, you must attend the Cats Protection Brighton & District Pub Quiz on March 10th.

Cats Protection Brighton & District Pub Quiz

Back by popular demand, we will be holding the quiz at the West Hill Pub, Brighton at 8pm. Arrange a team and tell your friends and family to come along because it is guaranteed to be a paws-itively wonderful night.

We raised a staggering £244 at our first ever pub quiz in November and this time it is going to be even bigger and better. The money raised goes to helping cats in our care – buying food, paying for vet bills and spreading the message to care for cats, so we can realise our vision of a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

So please, come along on Tuesday March 10th. It is £3 per person to play and teams are a maximum five people. It would be a cat-astrophe if you missed it!

Fancy testing your cat knowledge before the day? Have a go at our mini cat quiz. How many did you get right? Let us know.

Cat quiz – test your kitty knowledge

1. How fast can a domestic cat run? a. 10 mph b. 20 mph c. 30mph

2. How far can cats rotate their ears? a. 45 degrees b. 180 degrees c. 75 degrees

3. The first cat in space was a French cat named Felicette who jetted off in 1963. But what does the name mean? a. Moon kitty b. Astrocat c. Mars moggy

4. The world’s oldest cat is said to be 29, but how old is that in cat years? a. 202 b. 311 c. 133

5. How many domestic cats are there across the globe? a. 500 million b. one billion c. 100 million

Cats Protection pub quiz poster

Answers: 1. c; 2. b; 3. b; 4. c; 5. a

How did you do? Let us know.