Taking the world by Storm


Storm is a bundle of energy, always on the move and exploring her surroundings. She is a natural hunter, pursuing every moth, spider and fly in her temporary home – nothing is safe!

She likes to chew her cardboard scratching mat and various pieces of string and one of her favourite playthings is a scrunched-up piece of paper, which she can chase around the house for hours.

After all this activity, she can get sleepy and likes nothing more than a good rub. But most of the time she doesn’t really want to be stroked.

Storm is ready for adoption and needs a furever home with a garden. Currently with one of Cats Protection’s indoor fosterers, Storm desperately wants to go outside and is always plotting her escape!

If you are interested in adopting Storm, please contact adoptions@brighton.cats.org.uk



Wilson’s a furry feline

Wilson 2

Wilson is quite a striking figure, a big cuddly cat with luxuriously thick and long white fur and a doll-like face with pretty round yellow eyes. Only four years old, he has a laid-back personality and likes nothing better than gazing out of the window or draping himself next to his carers so he can receive some duly deserved adoration.

He is a pleasant companion and enjoys human company. He always greets his fosterer with a polite good morning meow and likes to sit quietly nearby his carers, waiting for strokes and cuddles.

While he enjoys human company, he will need to be the only cat in a household as he really doesn’t like sharing the limelight with other felines. If you think Wilson is the chap for you, please contact adoptions@brighton.cats.org.uk

wilson 3



Tommy and Topaz, purr and fur

tomy and topaz 2

Cats Protection Brighton and District’s latest felines looking for love are husband and wife team Tommy (pictured above) and Topaz (below). Around 14 years old, the pair have been together for ten years and have had kittens together.

Tommy is a very smart ginger and white boy and is the perfect gentleman to his lady love; he is very affectionate and purrs like a tractor at the slightest of strokes.

Tommy and Topaz 1

Topaz is a complete Birman fluff ball, with cream fur that has the slightest of orange and darker tortie points. While we do not have a pedigree certificate for Topaz, her colouring, size etc indicates that she is possibly a pure breed. She is very fond of being groomed and even rolls over to let her underside be combed.
Neither Tommy nor Topaz have any known health problems. A comfortable home with a quiet family would be the perfect place for them to share their twilight years together.
If you’d like to give Tommy and Topaz their forever home, contact adoptions@brighton.cats.org.uk

A black and white choice

IMG_0047 (1)

Moshi and Tako are the latest felines to grace our Cats Protection Brighton & District admissions pen. These striking brothers both have lovely shiny coats and bright eyes, indicating how well they have been cared for.

Tako (seen at the back of the picture) is all black, while his brother Moshi has a white bib and socks as well as two intriguing stripes under his mouth.

Both are friendly and gentle boys, although they were a bit edgy on the way to the vets (not unusual in a cat!)

Moshi has been jumping up to greet volunteers and has been playing with the scratch board and fishing line toy.

Tako is enjoying spending a lot of time in bed rolling around. He’s a bit of an exhibitionist and has mastered the art of making himself look adorable so he gets some of the attention.

At this stage, it seems they get on very well with each other, so a home for both of them is required. They are used to being allowed outdoors, so a home with a garden is essential. If you’d like to give Moshi and Tako the home they deserve, contact adoptions@brighton.cats.org.uk

Who will tame Monty’s mane?

Monty April 2018

Monty is the latest resident at Brighton & District Cat Protection’s outdoor pen. He is a rather magnificent, long-haired black and white boy with big white paws and a mane like a lion.

He is about six years old and is in good health.

He’s a little worse for wear just now, having lived on the streets for a couple of years. His beautiful coat has become somewhat dusty and matted. Like most long-haired cats, however, Monty loves a bit of grooming and it won’t be long before all of the pampering he is receiving from our volunteers will deliver results!

Monty is gentle and friendly. He is at his cutest when scrunching up his blankets and giving them a cuddle. He is ready for a life of comfort and cuddles with a loving family.

If you want to give Monty his forever home, contact us: adoptions@brighton.cats.org.uk


Lady P is an attention seeker

Lady P

Lady P is a dark, sophisticated tortoiseshell who is just two years old. She is very affectionate and loving with just a hint of tortie mischief reflected in the ginger stripe down the side of her nose. When in company, Lady P will reach out one little white paw every so often as a signal that she wants even more attention!

In her previous home, Lady P liked to spend most of her time indoors, venturing out on the odd occasion to take in the air. Indoor bathroom facilities are therefore an essential for this lady, as his her own personal cat flap entrance so she can come and go at her leisure.

If you are interested in adopting Lady P, please contact adoptions@brighton.cats.org.uk

Meet Molly and Marge


Molly, 7, and Marge, 6, are the best of friends. With sleek black coats and beautiful amber eyes, they make an attractive pair.

They are both very affectionate, very gentle and do not bite or scratch, even when given a belly stroke. Molly is the more confident of the two, with Marge happy to follow her lead. Marge really looks up to her big sister and wants to be next to her most of the time (as our picture shows).

Both cats like to play, although Marge is a bit more energetic and has a funny, silly personality. Molly is a big caring love bug, who likes nothing better than snuggling on a lap. They make great companions and will give their owners much enjoyment.

If you are interested in adopting, please contact adoptions@brighton.cats.org.uk