A brand new Beau for Brighton

beautiful beauNewly up for adoption via Cats Protection Brighton is Beau, a big beautiful boy that you just want to cuddle. He came to us via the Cat Guardians service, which aims to give owners peace of mind that their cat will be cared for whatever happens. Beau’s owner has moved to a nursing home so was no longer able to care for him.

Beau is a striking lad, mainly black with white socks and a white stripe under his belly. He also has an intriguing black moustache on his pretty white face, which puts some in mind of Groucho Marx. Having been very well looked after all his life, Beau is very chilled and will happily lie about, doing a little bit of piano playing the air.

Cat Guardians is a free service provided by Cats Protection. Individuals can plan for their cats future in the event of their death. Cats are taken into a CP branch or adoption centre and found new homes. As CP promises never to euthanise a healthy cat, owners are assured that their cats will be looked after.

Older people often are reluctant to own a cat as they are concerned about what will happen to their pet should they pre-decease them. The service enables older people to benefit from the experience of owning a cat. By registering with the service, as soon as CP is notified of a death, the cat is picked up and cared for until rehoming.

Owners can register for the service online or by post. Additionally, owners can leave instructions in their will to ensure executors fulfil their wishes.

More information about the Cat Guardians services can be found here: http://www.cats.org.uk/get-involved/support-us/cat-guardians



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