Meet Brighton Bob

bob in the sun.jpgBob is the first guest at Brighton & Hove Cats Protection’s outdoor fostering pen (see our story here). Teresa Dee, Bob’s foster carer tells us Bob’s story.

Our very own street cat, an all over ginger boy with a touch of white at the end of his tail. Bob was our first guest at the cat hotel checking in on 8 May.

He had been described as friendly, loving a cuddle and sitting on laps, by the people who had been looking after him. I soon discovered a darker side and a few bites and scratches later I thought it best to go and get that recommended tetanus jab for cat fosterers.

I learned that Bob was experiencing over-stimulation and he was communicating when he had enough by having a little hissy fit. So my approach changed, instead of going to him for a ‘cuddle’ I sat quietly in a high chair in the pen for 20 minutes twice a day.

To make use of the time I did my duolingo Italian lessons and Bob, who was now known as Bobitto during our Italian moments, would come and sit under the chair, purring away and reaching up for the occasional stroke.

Three weeks later and what a difference! I spend more time with Bob, as he is such good company. We have ditched the Italian lessons and he jumps up on to my lap, settles down and lets me know when he wants a stroke by nudging my hand, which I now keep by his side rather than firmly by mine.

Bob is now ready for the next stage of his journey, transferring to one of our lovely indoor fosterers. He has been deemed fit for rehoming, so please watch out on our website if you think the loveable rogue could be the one for you.

Bob the cat


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