How to keep your cat cool


Wow, Brighton is certainly feeling the heatwave! While the temperature soars we need to make sure our cats are keeping cool enough. Cats can get very hot on these warm summer days, but there are a few things you can do to help cool them down. 

Water: make sure your cat has access to plenty of cool water during the day.

Shade: make sure your cat has somewhere cool to rest. Sometimes they don’t always do the sensible thing, so check out where your cat is and make sure he or she isn’t asleep in the hottest part of the garden or in a baking conservatory.

Keep the house cool: While it may seem counter-intuitive on hots days, it is a good idea to keep curtains drawn or blinds down. This will keep the hot air and the sun out. Opening a loft hatch, if you have one, will allow the hot air to escape upwards and out of the house. You can also turn fans on.

Playtime: don’t worry if your cat doesn’t want to play, most of us don’t run around on hot days!

Baskets: freeze a bottle of water, wrapped it in a towel and place under cushions or blankets where your cat like to goes.

Indoors vs. outdoors: if your cat has access to outdoors, try to keep him or her indoors between 11am-3pm when it is the hottest time of the day.

Sunscreen: some cats can burn. Apply sunblock to the ears and any other exposed areas of pale coated cats.

Look out for these warning signs: if your cat is panting, breathing rapidly, has sweaty feet or is acting restless, this could mean they are overheated. You should seek advice from your vet and make sure the cat has access to cold water and a cool spot to lie in.

Take a look at this infographic on keeping your cat cool. 


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