Five reasons why cats are awesome

jumping cats

Cats are awesome. Not many of us would disagree with that. Why are they awesome? Here are our top five reasons why cats are the best buddies you can have. 

No. 1. They rule: Cats are totally independent. They do their own thing and answer only to themselves. Also, they don’t love everyone so when you win a cat’s affection it is a truely paw-some experience.

No. 2. They heal. If you have a cat you will understand the therapeutic power of our moggies. Cats have been shown to help people get over trauma, deal with stress and keep their owners happy on a day-to-day basis. If you have a bad day, snuggles with your furry friend always make it better.

No. 3. They are funny. Cats are hilarious, YouTube is evidence to this. They do the strangest things and have the oddest habits. From running sideways to hanging from doors and napping in the weirdest places. Owning a cat will ensure you are kept laughing.

No. 4. They are beautiful. Cats are gorgeous creatures. They are clean, agile and have amazing eyes. Plus, they are endlessly cute.


No. 5 They are fun. Playing with your cat is great fun from using wands to mice or lasers. Watching them chase, grab and attempt to destroy said toy is a such a simple pleasure but one that provides so much entertainment. After a long, stressful day having some one on one fun with your cat is a brilliant way to unwind.

If you don’t have a kitty in your life and these five reasons have tempted you, we have three amazing cats up for adoption now. Click here to view our cats at Cats Protection Brighton and District.



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