Our mew-vellous cats



Currently, at Cats Protection Brighton, we have three pawsome kitties looking for their forever homes. We have two lovely ladies and a handsome boy. So here is an opportunity to get to know our cats a little better and if you, or anyone you know is looking for a feline friend, then don’t hesitate to give us a call 01273 610 306 or email homing.cpbrighton@gmail.com. (Photo: Teddy)




Chloe is our longest standing resident and we are very keen to find a furr-ever home for her.

She is a very friendly and active ten-year-old whose owner unfortunately died. She is a very young ten and loves to play whether its with lots of toys or simply a piece of string.

Chloe is a friendly and good-natured cat, lively for her age, who loves a chat and who will is always happy to see you when you get home. She enjoys having lots of attention and being stroked and is good with new people. However, she isn’t used to very young children and would be best suited to a family with children over the age of 11.




Layla is a sweet, affectionate, dainty elderly lady who is happy to snooze on a lap but also still has a sense of adventure. She was found wandering lost in Hove in January; since then she’s made herself very much at home with her foster-mum.

She’s adapted well to a new environment and is pleased to meet new people, young and old. She loves catnip, feathers on string, Dreamies, a good chin rub, and a comfy seat in the sunshine. She was found to have rather a lot of broken teeth, so in April had to have most of them removed. She’s a little less keen to play at the moment but being gummy doesn’t stop her enjoying meal times or treats!


teddy 3

Teddy is our newest arrival and only boy at the moment.

He is a very handsome 7-year-old black cat with a shiny coat and beautiful big, green eyes. He is a confident cat that loves to play and would benefit from a home with a garden. Whilst Teddy enjoys a bit of fuss and a few head strokes, he is very independent and happily entertains himself, lounging in the sun or playing. He’s not a lap cat but he’s full of character and will make cute little meows when he’s playing or at dinner time.




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