Happy Birthday!


We are very pleased to be celebrating our 2nd birthday here at Cats Protection Brighton and District. We all love cats and the city of Brighton needs no purr-suasion to their charms. So part of our celebrations will be looking back on what we have achieved and what’s in store for the future. 

Cats Protection Brighton and District started two years ago and in that time we have re-homed nine mew-vellous kitties. We were originally set up by head office who recruited volunteers at a local event.

You can spot us in town carrying out street collections near Churchill Square and at out stool in the Open Market. By now you have probably heard the great news that we will be opening a charity shop in Hove this summer. It will mean we have a permanent base where cat lovers all over the city can keep in touch with us.

Over winter we launched our foster campaign and we are still on the hunt for more indoor and outdoor fosterers. While our cats are looking for their furr-ever homes they need somewhere loving and friendly to stay. We have five fantastic fosterers but can always recruit more.

“When a cat in care goes from living in a pen to a foster parent’s home they can turn into a completely different cat. With love, care and affection from their foster parent, a shy, sometimes scared cat can transform into a loving, confident puss that’s full of life,” says the branch’s homing officer Natalie Jessop.

An indoor fosterer looks after a cat in their own home in a separate spare room. Outdoor fosterers have a specially built, warm pen in their garden which can house more than one cat and gives the kitties room to stretch.

Indoor fosterer Hannah Daisy Boon contacted Cats Protection as she wanted a kitty in her life but couldn’t commit long term.

“We enjoy getting to know each cat and their personalities, every one is different and the moment you both click and understand each other and they start to trust you is worth it in itself. The most rewarding part of fostering has to be when your foster cat finds their forever home and you know you have helped them along their way. To be a fosterer you need to be loving, caring, understanding and calm. Even the friendliest, cuddliest cat needs their own space too and you need to respect this.”

Fostering is a brilliant way to temporarily provide a loving home for a cat but ultimately Cats Protection Brighton and District wants to find as many potential adopters to enquire about and meet the cats. Each cat is unique and requires a different type of home and owner.

If you do have a kitty in your life then have you thought about neutering yet? Over spring we launched our neuter campaign where we debunked myths and set up a neutering factfile. There are still ways we can financially help if you do want to neuter.


For 2016 ambitions are high and Cats Protection Brighton and District is hoping to recruit more foster parents, find homes for even more kitties and there are some potentially exciting fundraising plans in the near future. Plus look out for competitions and general kitty-themed antics during our birthday celebrations.

If you wish to enquire about fostering or adoption contact homing.cpbrighton@gmail.com or call 01273 610 306 or for neutering info email neutering.cpbrighton@gmail.com. We are a very friendly, small volunteer team and if you wish to contact us for any cat-related reason then do get in touch via our website or on social media.



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