Keeping your outdoor cat safe

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There are many benefits for your cat if they are able to roam the great outdoors. They have more space and territory, they can escape the house if necessary, they get more exercise and more interest into their day. Yet, there are worries for any owner when their kitty is outside of home. To minimise the dangers and keep your feline friend safe there are a couple of tips we have for you, to put your mind at rest and let your kitty enjoy the fresh air.

  1. You can keep your cat indoors at night to keep them safe from dangers of the roads. Of course this depends on the area you in live and how built up it is.
  2. If you want your cat out and about at night then you could try a florescent, quick releasing collar, which should help them be seen. You must make sure the collar fits properly, as a badly fitted collar can have associated risks also.
  3. Microchip your kitty. This is a permanent way to identify your cat and will increase your chances of being reunited should they go missing.
  4. Neuter your cat before they are let outside. The benefits of neutering are numerous and if you would like to read more then click here.
  5. Make sure you visit the vet regularly for flea and worm treatments and any vaccinations.
  6. Before letting them outside, introduce them gradually and if you move make sure they are used to area before they can roam far.
  7. You can encourage your kitty to stay close to home by making your garden as inviting as possible.


If your cat is well and healthy then exploring outdoors is a natural way for them to enjoy their day. Taking these steps will help to ensure your cat is safe and if they do go missing, can be found again. Should your cat or any cat you know go missing then we, at Cats Protection Brighton and District, are here to help. You can contact us through our Facebook, email us on or call 01273 610306. This is our Lost and Found page of cats reported to us in Brighton and Hove.


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