Create a cat friendly garden

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Just like us, cats are individuals. Some love to roam the great outdoors and others can barely lift a paw from a sunny spot. In whatever way your kitty loves to spend their time, making your garden as cat friendly as possible will have some real benefits. Regardless of whether your cat stays indoors, wanders the garden or goes adventuring far afield, we recommend that your cat is microchipped, neutered, vaccinated and provided with flea and worming treatment.

Providing your feline friend with an inviting garden will mean they have an interesting place, close to home, they can explore and enjoy.

Creating the ideal garden atmosphere


Providing your kitty with a dedicated, leafy corner of their own will keep them away from other wildlife or nesting areas in your garden. In this space you can plant cat friendly plants such as catnip (Nepeta cataria), mint, cat thyme (Teucrium marum) and lavender. A patch of longer grass can provide a soft bed and it can also help them to cough up hairballs.

Plants without thorns can be placed around the garden to give your kitty a shady area to relax in during sunny days and logs will provide an outdoor scratching post. Cats can also feel threatened in large or exposed spaces, this can be combated by making sure there are plenty of hiding places and areas to rest in the garden.

A designated toilet area

Cats like somewhere soft to use the toilet and will often go to newly dug soil, gravel or sand. To stop them upsetting the neighbours make sure they have somewhere to go in your own garden. In a secluded area with fine soil, place some cat litter and just ensure it’s regularly dug over. If the area is private with inviting soil or sand your cat should use this over other areas or neighbour’s gardens.

Other cats

Your cat’s feline neighbours may well make them nervous. If this is the case and you’re trying to tempt them outside, place big plant pots either side of their cat flap. This way your cat can step outside, without being seen and survey the area. Plus a magnetic or microchip cat flap can keep neighbour’s cats out of your home.



We all know cats love to climb and can jump over most fences and walls. However a two metre high, close boarded fence with a parallel hedge should encourage your cat to remain in the garden. This can also keep other cats out if your cat is anxious.

So remember…

Cats love hiding spaces, safe areas, different levels and interesting surroundings. So before summer is upon us, get your garden ready so it’s where your kitty wants to hang out in the warmer months.



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