Top five reason to neuter your cat

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Why neuter your cat? This is a perfectly valid question and one many cat owners will face at a certain point in their kitten’s life. Here at Cats Protection Brighton and District we advocate the neutering of cats and there are several reasons why we feel this is an essential part of pet ownership. This is our second blog post in our neutering series which will run through April, so we have put together five simple, clear reasons why you should neuter.

Unwanted cats

Female kitties are fertile from four months old and can be neutered before the traditional six month age bracket. Neutering before a first season helps to control the population and unwanted pregnancies. This in turn helps to reduce the amount of feral cats or kittens which are not properly cared for.

Neighbourhood nuisance and cat safety

Female cats will call regularly (about every two weeks from January through until the autumn) if they do not get pregnant. Female calling will, of course, attract male cats with the associated problems of spraying, fighting and caterwauling.


When female cats are not neutered they are more likely to suffer from pyometra (infection of the womb) later on in life. Mothers can also pass infectious diseases onto their kittens and certainly pregnancy and birthing have risks.

Males who are regularly fighting are more likely to spread diseases such as FIV and FeLV to other cats. They can also suffer from fighting injuries putting their health at risk. There is also the heightened chance of unneutered males involved in road accidents as they stray over larger areas than neutered ones.

Lost cats

At Cats Protection Brighton and District we help owners look for lost cats everyday and we most definitely do not want the number of lost cats to increase in the city. Unneutered males tend to wander far from home and they may not return which is distressing for owners and can add to the feral cat population.

Yet having an unneutered male inside the home is problematic too as they may spray and also become aggressive towards their owners.

Local wildlife

Cats with kittens hunt far more effectively and if they are not being fed properly this can impact local wildlife, as they will go hunting for their kittens. This can negatively effect the numbers of birds and small creatures in a local area.

If you want to read further information on neutering visit here or watch this informative video or look out for our next weekly blog post which will debunk neutering myths, stayed tuned…

For enquiries about neutering your cat in Brighton and Hove call 01273 610 306 or email




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