Neutering: the facts



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Happy Easter Brighton! Finally, spring is here and we can welcome warmer days, longer evenings and a greener city. While we enjoy the outdoors more so will our feline friends. With kitties on the move more than ever, now is certainly the time to think about neutering. 

We will be bringing you a series of blog posts every week about different aspects of neutering. To start we have outlined the basic facts about neutering.


  1. Female cats are fertile from 4 months old and could have 3 litters a year. This can result unwanted pregnancies and unwanted kitties. Read our blog post on how to tell if your cat is pregnant.

Gentlemen Cats

  1. Unneutered male cats can fight, end up diseased or injured and can develop testicular cancer. They will also spray to attract females and mark their territory.


How we can help

We want to ensure every cat that needs this procedure can get it and we award vouchers to help with the costs. These vouchers are sent to and are redeemable by the vet of your choice.

As the owner you need to provide sex of the cat, age, name, owned or feral and contact details.

There are two different types of vouchers available depending on income. Yet, vouchers may not cover the entire cost of the procedure. There are fixed rate vouchers which are means tested and owners must provide proof of income. Whereas our variable vouchers are used when owners make a contribution towards the cost.

Once the owner has received the vouchers they can book a date for the operation, hand over the voucher to the vet who sends a signed copy to us for a refund.

For further information please call 01273 610 306 or email

Our stance

Cats Protection Brighton and District believe that getting a cat neutered before it can breed is a vital part of responsible pet ownership.

Without neutering the UK cat population can get out of control very quickly. Over population increases disease, feline conflict and puts cat welfare in danger.

To read more on neutering click here.





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