Cat carrier hell


Does this look like a familiar scenario? If this is the battle you face when you mention the word ‘carrier’ to your cat then help is certainly needed. It is stressful for both of you if a tense stand-off occurs everytime the dreaded carrier is brought out. It is sill winter but spring fast approaching and trips to the vet might be necessary at this time. To avoid a chase over the house (where your cat will most definitely win) or a battle of wills we have a few tips to make the whole process smooth and less stressful. Here’s how to change a claw-ful experience into a pleasant one. 


If the carrier is indeed your cat’s nemesis then thus far they have associated it with bad things. Your kitty needs to be desensitised. Try leaving the carrier out so your cat can explore it, do not only take it out when it’s time to go to the vets.

Clean the carrier thoroughly to get rid of any scents and then place a thick towel in the carrier and spray some Feliway. This should remove any scary scents and relax your cat immediately.

When your cat is responding better try taking them out in the carrier, driving  a little and coming home and giving them a treat. Not every trip is then associated with the vets.

Play and feed your kitty near the carrier.

On the day

When it comes to the day your carrier should already be out well in advance. Act very calmly and try not to rush around.

They may wander into the carrier if you put a treat inside or you need to gently place them in the carrier tail first.

Cover the carrier and transport it evenly to the car. Your cat will not appreciated a bumpy ride and you may pay for it later.

At the vet make sure the carrier is not on the floor but higher up than prying noses can reach. Inquisitive dogs are not usually kindly received.


So a furr-miliar carrier is a friendly one and will make your life far easier too. We hope these simple tips will ensure that cat carrier hell a thing of the past. If you need any more information on cat care click here.

If you are currently looking for a cat or know someone who is we are always looking for fosterers or forever homes for our cats.



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