Keeping your cat healthy this winter


It’s mid February and we are in the depths of winter, so far we’ve had some pretty chilly weather. All most of us want to do is escape the snow and storms and snuggle up at home with our favourite feline friend. However during the icy months it is essential we look out for our cats and make sure we’re keeping them healthy. So we’ve come up with some paw-sitively brilliant ways to make sure your kitty is flu-free and happy over winter. 

Our tips

  1. If your cat usually goes outside for toilet time they may hold it in if it is very cold. To avoid unnecessary pain or problems put down an accessible litter tray. Retention of urine can cause infections and blockages so be aware of their litter habits.
  2. Check their paws at the end of the day and wipe off grit and muck. De-icing sprays can cause irritation to paw pads and would need to be cleaned off. Anti-freeze is also harmful if digested.
  3. If your cat is elderly, young or not too well make sure you keep them indoors as much as possible over the colder months.
  4. Make sure your cat is micro-chipped and perhaps consider a high visibility collar. During dark mornings and afternoons and it important your cat is visible to motorist or bikers.
  5. Move low beds to higher places to avoid cold floors and drafts and keep your home warm.
  6. When you’re leaving your house by bike or car be very careful. We don’t want dark mornings ending in disaster.


Spotting the signs of illness

Cats can become sick just like us and even if we do our best to keep them safe and healthy they can still get ill. So here are ways to spot the warning signs.

  1. Loss or change in appetite
  2. Change in behaviour or quieter than usual
  3. Sneezing, runny nose or coughing
  4. Temperature

If you’re worried about your cat take them to the vet or read more seasonal advice here. If you want to read more on cat flu click here.

If you know anyone who would love a winter companion to cuddle up with do get in contact with us and consider fostering or adoption. We have two lovely cats called Chloe and Sammy who are looking for loving fur-ever homes this winter.



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