How to have a happier, healthier cat this New Year


New Year often means a new you but while we are all starting healthy diets, exercise regimes or generally improving our well-being, we must not forget our feline friends. Why should your New Year’s resolutions not include your pets? 

January is not only the perfect time to change your life but your cat’s as well. Whether you promise to groom them more often, set aside play time or ensure their happiness, your cat can benefit from this yearly tradition. So here are a few tips on how to keep your cat happy and healthy in the New Year.

The purr-fect diet

What your cat eats will affect both their health and contentment. Cats are not natural vegetarians, their diets must be largely meat-based to stay in good condition. If unsure do enquire with your vet about the best food for the age, weight and health of your cat.

Try not to give your kitty titbits from the table. Cats should not be eating human food and in fact there are many foods poisonous to cats you may not expect, such as raisins. Read this for a full list of all things toxic to cats.

When portioning their meals make sure you understand how much food to give your cat. Too much or too little can lead to serious problems, so do read instructions carefully or speak to your vet. A hungry or tubby cat will not be a joyful companion.

Grooming and care

Like people, cats are all unique, some will not leave your lap and others can’t wait to escape outside. Regardless, your cat should be groomed. Long haired cats need grooming a few times a week and short haired just once a week. Grooming is not only necessary for ensuring your cat is clean and hairball-free but it is essential for pet and owner bonding. Both of you will enjoy this one on one time together.

You should also attend your vet check-ups and flea and worm regularly as well as sorting out any important vaccinations. Dealing with illnesses or parasites before they become a problem is easier and more pleasant for you and your cat.


Cats are very intelligent creatures and therefore a bored cat is not a happy cat. To keep your furry friend engaged and entertained make sure there are plenty of things to explore around your home. They need space to exercise, climb, jump and play. Toys are a great way to engage your cat. For interest, change the toys around and don’t have every toy out at once. If you have an indoor cat they do need more to keep them entertained, so make sure you join in playtime and look at bringing new toys into the house as regularly as you can.


Like many animals, cats need a clean, quiet, warm and dry place to rest. Damp, draughts or coldness can cause illnesses.

Loud noises or certain objects can scare cats and when they are frightened they will want a secure hiding place. Under beds, sofas, or between book cases are all popular hideouts so check those areas are accessible.

Due to the fact cats are very inquisitive you must make sure your house is safe and free from hazards. Dangling items, batteries, plug sockets and certain foods are all things to watch out for.

If you have more than one fuzzy inhabitant then they will need space from each other. Give your cats separate baskets and access to different rooms. This will help avoid any spats and your cats should feel more at ease with further to roam.

Warning signs

As owners, we can do our best to provide a happy, healthy and safe home for our cats but sometimes your cat can become ill or stressed. Therefore it is wise to watch out for warning signs. These are often marked changes in behaviour such as high levels of grooming or hiding, different feeding or toilet habits, spraying indoors or aggression. These can all indicate stress, pain or fear. If you have any concerns always speak to your vet or you can read more about cat health.

If you would like to find out more about Cats Protection Brighton & District, visit our website.




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