Tips for keeping your cat safe this bonfire night

It’s the nosiest time of the year with bonfire night almost upon us (particularly if you live close to Lewes!) This means that our cats are at their most vulnerable and can get very frightened by the bangs and screams of rockets and firecrackers.

Whether you’ll be outside writing your name with a sparkler or watching the fireworks from the safety of your home keeping your cat company, there are a few things you can do to dampen your feline’s fears.

Protect your cat

Fireworks brighton

Fireworks in Brighton

  • Ensure that you keep your cats indoors as the night draws in on November 5th . If fireworks are being let off in gardens surrounding your house, your cat will have to run the gauntlet to get home, or they may get disorientated and scared away from their home
  • Keep your cat’s litter tray indoors, so they don’t need to go outside to go to the toilet
  • Cats feel safe when they have somewhere to hide, so make sure there are a few nooks they can sneak into, such as a cardboard box, cupboard, or drawer
  • Close windows and close curtains to keep the house as quiet and calm as possible and so they cannot escape if they are taken by surprise. It can also help to switch the radio on to mask the sound of the bangs and crackles
  • Never punish your cat for being frightened. If you cat is meowing because of the fireworks you might want to try and comfort them if you think it will help
  • Do remember that fireworks are not always confined to just one night, neighbours may decide to wait until the weekend to have their celebrations, so it’s worth keeping a close eye on your pet over the next few days
  • If you are letting off your own fireworks, do it as far from the house and your cat as possible and avoid the nosiest fireworks, such as Catherine wheels and big bangs
  • Before letting your cat out in the morning, check your garden for any firework debris, as this could injure your cat, particularly if parts are still hot

Cats can be injured by fireworks and suffer stress by the noise and lights, so it is crucial you remember, remember your cat on the 5th of November.

Find out more about the Cats Protection branch in Brighton and District.


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