Why does my cat…? – Part one

Our Brighton cats are mysterious creatures. They all have their own individual puurrsonalities but there are certain behaviours that us cat owners all recognise.

Here in our series of ‘Why does my cat?’ we aim to shed some light on your cats’ craziness.

Cat in a basket

Cats love boxes (and baskets)

…wake me up in the morning?

Cats are naturally most active at dawn and dusk, and so they tend to awake with the first glimpses of sunlight, which is good news for us as the winter mornings get darker. Although it’s important to teach your cat house rules and discipline (“Please don’t wake me up at 4.30am”), you also need to understand why your cat is waking you up so you can address it.

If your cat is hungry, you may want to split up their meals throughout the day, ensuring that the final meal is just before you go to bed. If your cat is downright greedy, you might want to disassociate yourself from the feeding process and buy an automatic feeder, so the feeder bears the brunt of the hangry cat. Or, maybe your cat isn’t sleepy enough – make sure you play with your cat throughout the day and provide some fun toys to play with when you’re not around.

…go crazy after going to the toilet

You might not have noticed it if you don’t have indoor cats but there is a distinct behaviour after my cats poop in their litter tray – they come bounding up the stairs ready to pounce on anything that moves.

But there doesn’t seem to be one definitive conclusion for this behaviour. Some studies have suggested it may be because
However, other experts theorise that it could be for numerous reasons, including simply feeling better afterwards, they want to draw attention to their achievement or, if they have a digestive problem.

But it seems like this could be one of those mysteries of the cat world, alongside cats needing to joining you in the bathroom whenever you go in there.

…like boxes so much?

Who knew a box could be so much fun, well, cats apparently. No need for fancy lasers, a box will keep almost any puss happy.

Again, there doesn’t seem to be one definitive answer as to why boxes are a cat’s favourite place. However, a study by ethologist Claudia Vinke of Utrecht University in the Netherlands found many cats feel safer in boxes, feeling less stressed. She concluded that hiding is a coping strategy for cats that makes them feel more relaxed and able to handle their surrounding environment.


Cats can dribble or drool when they are excited and is an emotional reaction to a strong feeling. According to Cats Protection HQ, some cats may be more likely to do it than others, depending on their emotional makeup and their physiology. If they have always been a dribbler then it’s nothing to worry about but if it’s sudden then it’s worth getting your feline checked out at the vet’s, just in case.

…eat grass?

Cats are understood to eat grass because it helps them to bring up irritating hairballs which build up through grooming. Cats particularly like a grass called Cocksfoot (also known as Cat Grass) and if you have an indoor cat, it can be a good idea to grow it in your home because otherwise they may try to eat other indoor plants, which may not be good for their health.

We’ll be explaining a few more of our feline friends’ sometimes peculiar behaviour in a couple of week’s time. If there is anything your cat does and you would like to know why, please comment below and we’ll get some answers for you.

In the meantime why not check out our website to find out what we are doing in your local area? We have two cats that are yet to be adopted, Donald and Smudge, do you know anyone who might like a new forever friend? If so, do ask them to get in touch


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