5 fantastic facts about Smudge

Smudge is our newest cat in need of a new home. But not just any home, a forever home where she can be warm and cosy and showered with love and affection. In return, you’ll get a furry friend and cat cuddles for life.

Want to know more about Smudge? Here are five facts which could mean she’s your perfect match.

Smudge has different coloured eyes

Smudge has different coloured eyes

  1. Smudge has especially pretty eyes for a feline friend – one is blue and the other green.
Smudge being groomed

Smudge being groomed

2. Smudge is a short-haired white cat (not be confused with Donald who is our white long-haired kitty who also needs a home) and loves to be groomed.

Happy Smudge

Happy Smudge

3. A little overweight, this lady is on a diet to keep her in good health. While Smudge is at her foster home she isn’t able to go outside, so who wouldn’t put on a few pounds if they couldn’t climb trees and run around the garden as per their usual routine? Once she is able to go outside again, it will help her get back down to her slim self.

Smudge playing

Smudge playing

4. Once lovely Smudge gets to know you, she will come out of her shell and loves to be fussed over. She enjoys snoozing in the day in her little igloo but she also loves to play. Smudge needs nothing more than a piece of string to keep her occupied but she also enjoys chasing after a laser pen.

“Please adopt me”

5. Smudge requires a home where she is the only pet. She can be shy at first and needs owners who will love her and patiently nurture her so she feels confident and secure. Once she is comfortable she will give you lots of love.

Smudge would love to meet you. If you think your home could be Smudge’s forever home, please email homing.cpbrighton@gmail.com or call 01273 610 306. Donald is also ready and waiting for you to adopt him. Go to www.catsprotection.co.uk/brighton for more information.


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