Meet the team: Julia, our fundraiser

Cats Protection Brighton & District was set up a year ago and is run by a group of cat-mad volunteers.

We thought you might like to know who these volunteers are, so we’re running a series of profiles about each and every one of them. Here’s our next profile…

Meet Julia

Julia, Fundraiser

What is your volunteering role?
I am part of the fundraising team.

What is your job outside Cats Protection?
I’m retired now, but worked for EDF Energy until 2011.

Do you have any cats?
I had to have my beautiful cat Jasper put to sleep three weeks ago and don’t have any others. He was 17 and had a great life until several months ago, when his health began to decline.

The moment you knew you were a cat person…
I knew I was a cat person when I was three years old. My mum found me kneeling down on the kitchen floor next to our cat sharing his Kitekat. My mum was horrified, but I thought it tasted rather nice.

What would you do if you were a cat for an hour?Jasper
If I was a cat for an hour I’d climb a tree and check out the bird life in my garden, but I wouldn’t catch any!

Two interesting non-cat related facts about yourself?
1) I play the ukulele. A crowd of us meet once a month in a pub and we have a uke jamming session. There were over 70 of us at last month’s session!

2) I used to do a lot of sailing when I was younger and crewed on the Sail Training Tall Ships Sir Winston Churchill and Malcolm Miller.

Another volunteer profile will be up soon! Find out more about Cats Protection Brighton & District and how you can help us.


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