Five facts about Donald…and why you should adopt him

Donald, this beautiful white long-haired puss, is up for adoption. He has been in our care at the Brighton and District branch for around four months now and would absolutely love to find his best friend for life who can give him all the love and care he needs.

Donald enjoying a stroke

Donald enjoying a loving stroke

Here are five fab facts about Donald (although there are plenty more) and why you might want to take him home today.

Donald showing off his coat

  1. He is a beautiful 10 year-old snowy white long-hair who loves wrapping himself around you on the sofa and giving you lots of cuddles.Donald playing
  2. Donald used to be the cat who greeted visitors at the national Cats Protection Adoption Centre. He would sit on the lap of whoever was in reception, lapping up all the attention.Donald relaxing
  3. Donald is a very special cat. He has a sensitive stomach, which is a little like human irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. But the condition can be treated with medication (although his stomach still gurgles a little) which makes him feel good enough to have a play whenever he likes. It’s just a matter of hiding a pill in his cat food every other day.
  4. Despite the ten years hiding under his white coat, Donald loves to play and explore outside. He is also used to busy surroundings, so would be happy in a lively household. Although, he is probably looking for a more mature family to look after him who do not have any other cats or young children.
    Donald sleeping

    Donald sleeping

  5. As you can see from the pictures, Donald loves a good nap but he also enjoys a good chat in-between, so you will always have someone to tell your problems to at the end of the day and will always end in soothing purrs.

If you would like to know more about Donald, check out our website:  And if you would like to meet him, please email or call, 01273 610 306


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