Keeping your cat cool in Brighton this summer

Hot cats

Hot cats keeping cool on the floor

This week the temperature dial has turned up a notch and Brighton is set to hit a high of 27 degrees today. And if it’s sent you into a sweat, imagine how your fur-covered feline friend is feeling. Your cat may love basking in the sun but you need to keep an eye on them that they don’t over-do it. Cats can overheat just like humans, to protect against this you can make a big difference by following these few simple tips:

  • Always make sure there is fresh drinking water around. You can even drop some ice cubes in the water to keep it chilled
  • Keep your cat indoors in the hottest part of the day – usually between 10am and 3pm – to keep them safe from burning and overheating
  • When your cat is indoors, open the windows to let some air in but not enough that your cat can escape into the hot sunshine
  • Be aware that cats can get sunburned, particularly cats with light-coloured fur on them. If you can’t keep cats inside, ensure there are lots of shady places in your garden, to protect your cat. You might even want to invest in some feline sunscreen, which can be applied to cat’s ears and noses
  • Don’t be worried if your cat is sleeping more than normal and isn’t too interested in playing. Your cat won’t want to get even hotter and will sleep to stay cool. Let them have 40-winks, however, this might mean that when darkness falls, your kitty suddenly gets very energetic
  • It’s normal for cats to groom themselves more than normal when they are hot, as a way to cool themselves down
  • Check your cat’s paws. The sweat glands are situated there, so if your cat is leaving wet prints, that means he is sweating and will need some water. You may also need to check for signs of burns from walking on hot surfaces
  • If your cat is panting excessively and has sweaty paw pads, it could mean that your cat is suffering from heat stroke. If this happens, try to cool him or her down with a moist cloth and rush your cat to the doctor because if untreated your cat’s condition can worsen rapidly, causing them to slip into a coma

For more information:

Find out more about Cats Protection Brighton & District and the work we do. We have three gorgeous cats who need loving homes, find out more.


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