Meet the team: Tiffany, our social media officer

Cats Protection Brighton & District was set up less than a year ago and is run by a group of cat-mad volunteers. We thought you might like to know who these volunteers are, so we’re running a series of profiles about each and every one of them. Here’s our third profile…

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany, social media officer

Tiffany, social media officer

What is your volunteering role, and the best thing about it?

I am part of the publicity team, so my aim is to get everyone in and around Brighton aware of our branch of Cats Protection – although that might take a while.

I help manage the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and write a lot of the blog posts we publish each week. I get such a kick out of seeing our ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ increase and it has been a great challenge to get the blog started. There was a big sigh of relief when I realised the first post had actually been read by some wonderful cat lovers.

The best thing about being a volunteer is helping to find cats new homes and knowing they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives. Although the hard work is done by our rehoming manager Natalie, I hope the noise we make around the cats in our care on our social media accounts helps find more cat lovers for our kitties.

I also love it when a missing or lost cat that we have posted about is found – that is extremely satisfying.

What is your job outside Cats Protection?

I am an ex-journalist and currently write content for a marketing agency in Worthing, where my job is basically to write blogs for our clients to put on their websites. It’s a really varied and exciting role and it’s right by the sea – much more picturesque than London, where I used to work.

Do you have any cats?

I have two kittens who will be fully grown cats in a matter of weeks. They are rescue cats from the Cats Protection Worthing branch and they are house cats because they suffer from slight brain damage. But they are healthy and happy and it just means they need to be played with a bit more frequently, otherwise they won’t let me sleep!

The moment you knew you were a cat person…

When I couldn’t live without my first cat, a stray tabby cat called Tiger, who my Mum took in shortly after my Grandad died when I was a child. She was my best friend and showed me that cats have real personalities.

Kitty profile
Forrest & Bluebell: Both almost 1, domestic long-hair
Likes: Fishing rod toys, any type of food, waking up early, wrestling
Dislikes: The hairdryer, closed doors, not being able to jump out of windows

What would you do if you were a cat for an hour?

I would sunbathe and purr very loudly. I’m so jealous of my kittens when I’m getting ready to go to work and they’re relaxing on my bed in the light of the window.

Two interesting non-cat related facts about yourself?

  • I have a Beastie Boys tattoo behind my left ear, which I got when member MCA died
  • My other half has banned me from eating golden syrup after watching me drink it from the bottle one pancake day

Another volunteer profile will be up soon! Find out more about Cats Protection Brighton & District and how you can help us.


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