Adopt one of our cats: Minnie, Donald and Diesel

We have three gorgeous cats in the care of our Brighton fosterers and they are desperate for a new home. Minnie, Donald and Diesel all have their own distinct personalities and would love to be safe and secure in a forever home. Would you like to adopt a cat in need and in return get lots of love and cuddles? Maybe one of our cats is perfect for you. Read what the people closest to them, their foster parents, have to say. Please visit our website if you would like more information about any of the cats.


Her fosterers Hannah and Yann say… “Minnie is a very loving, affectionate, sweet girl who just loves being around people! When she first came to us she simply scanned the area, had some food and curled up on the sofa in between us and within half an hour of being in our home she was purring to her heart’s content and drifting off to sleep. “She loves a fuss and will even gently rest her paw on you if you are sitting next to her, and she’s decided it’s clearly time for you to give her some attention before settling back down to sleep. She has certainly become more vocal as she gets used to us too, particularly around meal times or if I am working at my desk, she sometimes wanders over and meows before curling up somewhere nearby. “She needs a loving home with people that have the time to give her a fuss and cuddle. She is very easy though and is happy to sleep in the day, as long as she gets some love and attention when you are home! We will certainly miss her but we know she will make a truly lovely cat for anyone with the time and affection to give to her.”


His fosterer Ali says… “Donald is a white, long-haired 10-year-old cat with heaps of love to give. He’s incredibly affectionate and will tug at your heart strings when you offer him a cuddle – he purrs melodically and wraps himself around your arm in a fluffy embrace. He likes to explore his surroundings but most of the time would rather be cuddling and will even let you pick him up for a few minutes at a time if it means getting more fuss. Now that he’s in his second week of fostering, he has settled enough that after breakfast, he’s started to gleefully bat and chase his catnip mice around the living room. “Donald’s a darling and a joy to have around but any potentional owner needs to know that, hiding beneath his glorious white coat, is a very sensitive tummy. To keep his digestion stable, he’s on a special, rather strict vet-prescribed diet and has to be given a pill every other day, which can easily be concealed in his food. His tummy gurgles a lot but he’s not in pain and it doesn’t affect his daily activities: in between snoozing, he’s alert, vocal and loving and has no trouble jumping up to and down from his birdwatching perch by the window. “If you’re a cuddly, caring cat lover who could manage a small amount of extra love to look after Donald and his sensitive tummy, he’ll love you back ten times over and provide you with constant, daily affection.”


Diesel’s fosterer Cathy says… “Diesel is a handsome boy with majestic features and the biggest brightest yellow eyes. On his first day at his foster home he was very frightened and spent a lot of time hiding behind the couch – movements from the neighbours above, unfamiliar voices and unexpected movements would all have him running for cover. But Diesel very quickly gained confidence in his new surroundings and after just two weeks, the only thing that caused him to hide was the sound of the vacuum cleaner! It’s true that cats are often finicky eaters – but not so with Diesel! He is always keen for his dinner and never leaves a single speck of food to waste. It is very refreshing to not have to deal with leftovers or have the smell of cat food lingering in the house. Diesel is a warm and affectionate cat who enjoys a good fuss (especially a cheek or chin rub!) but will also curl up on his own for a quiet snooze. He likes a blanket to sit on and as a rare honour will grace your lap for a while. He can be a typical boisterous boy, jumping up, down and around, oblivious to the way he bashes into things. In the mornings he chases the sun beams cast through the trees that shine and move around on the carpet. He dabs at shoelaces and loves to launch himself into an empty cardboard box. As an active boy, Diesel would do great in a home with plenty of space for him to run around, with quiet people who are mindful of his presence as he can be jittery and scared at sudden movements. He has a lot of love to give and just needs a caring owner who is able to reciprocate.” If you would like to give one of our cats a forever home, please go to our website for more information. You can also email: or call, 01273 610 306.


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