Meet the team: Adrian, our publicity team leader

Cats Protection Brighton & District was set up less than a year ago and is run by a group of cat-mad volunteers.

We thought you might like to know who these volunteers are, so we’re running a series of profiles about each and every one of them. Here’s our second profile…

Meet Adrian

Adrian, CP Brighton Publicity Team LeaderWhat is your volunteering role, and the best thing about it?
I’m the publicity team leader, and I make sure that what you see and read on social media, newspaper adverts, posters and the website fits the messages that Cats Protection aim to deliver.

The best thing about the role is working with a group of amazing cat fanatics who really care about the welfare of cats in Brighton and Hove. We’re still a young branch, but it’s also been great to see such a positive reaction from people who follow us online.

What is your job outside Cats Protection?
I’m a front end developer for an online travel company in London. In simple terms, I code websites for a living…which works out well for CP!

Do you have any cats?
Yes! My fiancée and I adopted Lolita and Cedric just over six years ago, and they’ve become the reasons we have to leave parties early.

Lolita, Adrian's catCedric, Adrian's cat

The moment you knew you were a cat person…
About eleven years ago, a cat called Samuel walked into our garden while we were having a summer barbecue and started eating the fish we had cooked. I didn’t really like cats before that, but Samuel was so adorable that I couldn’t help but change. We hugged him every day until he suddenly and sadly passed away just over two years ago.

What would you do if you were a cat for an hour?
I’d climb the tree at the back of our garden and look at the view over the houses.

Two interesting non-cat related facts about yourself?
1) I’m addicted to that Aussie soap Neighbours; so much so that I’d happily move to Melbourne just to share the same air as the cast.

2) I can eat a medium-thickness slice of white bread in 12 seconds, but I wouldn’t recommend you try and do the same.

Another volunteer profile will be up next week! Find out more about Cats Protection Brighton & District and how you can help us.


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