Meet the team: Richard, our coordinator

Cats Protection Brighton & District was set up less than a year ago and is run by a group of cat-mad volunteers.

We thought you might like to know who these volunteers are, so we’re starting a series of profiles about each and every one of them.

Meet Richard

Richard, your friendly branch coordinator!

What is your volunteering role, and the best thing about it?
I’m both branch coordinator and fundraising lead.

As a new branch, it’s been great meeting new people and setting up the branch. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far. It feels like things are coming together and I’m excited about helping more cats in Brighton.

When it comes to fundraising it’s really inspiring how many people make donations to help cats in our area. It’s nice talking to supporters about their cats too.

What is your job outside Cats Protection?
My day job is as a data manager for a large UK charity.  I’m really passionate about charities and making a difference in society.

Do you have any cats?
No 😦 I haven’t got a garden and my flat is quite small. I hope to be able to move in a year or so and then I’ll get one.

The moment you knew you were a cat person…
I grew up with cats – Sparky and Sam. We had Sam when he was a kitten, he was born in a pub on the river Wye and I remember my dad bringing him home one day. I loved him so much! He was such a good friend to me growing up. He passed away from old age eventually.

What would you do if you were a cat for an hour?
I’d find a sunny spot and a have a little nap.

Two interesting non-cat related facts about yourself?
I learnt to swim front crawl about 18 months ago and last year had an unsuccessful attempted at the Brighton Pier to Pier sea swim last summer.  This year I’m determined to crack sea swimming and I’m going to do the competition again. It’s really hard swimming against the current, though.

Also, I’m not too bad at baking cakes. Now I’ve said that I’ll have to bring some to the next meeting!

Another volunteer profile will be up next week! Find out more about Cats Protection Brighton & District and how you can help us.


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