Adopt a cat for National Pet Month

What do you love about your cat? Is it the lazy cat cuddles, being woken up by a purring alarm clock, or the crazy playtime that seems to happen just as you decide to go to bed?

Cats all have different personalities but it’s the true friendship you find in a cat that make us cat lovers.

This April we get the chance to celebrate our best furry friends with National Pet Month, which launches today. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the joys that our feline friends and other pets bring into our lives and promotes responsible pet ownership.

This year the month-long campaign is particularly focusing on pets and the elderly, as animals can have a hugely beneficial impact on older people. This is because they help make their owners more active, help reduce stress and can cure loneliness.

And if they are paired with the older cats in our care, it can create a fantastic friendship and give a cat a loving home.

Would you like to adopt Luna?

Currently at Cats Protection Brighton and District, we have Luna (previously named Britney), a mature cat, in our care who would love to find her forever home this month.

This black beauty is a very loving, well-behaved cat who wants to show you her love by purring loudly and even dribbling with contentment.

Luna would suit someone who doesn’t have children or other pets, as she is a little nervous due to to bad past experiences with other multi-animal households.

Luna is looking for a best friend – would you like it to be you?

Find out more about Luna or email


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