What if your cat goes missing?

Lost cat guide: What to do if your cat goes missing

Losing a cat is one of the most stressful events as an owner. When your furry ball of fun doesn’t turn up to the door when you come home from work or at feeding time, you get the feeling that something is wrong.

And unfortunately, it seems lost cats are a regular occurrence in Brighton. There was hardly a week that went by in some months last year when we were not posting missing cat notifications on our Facebook page.

lost cat poster

Genuine lost cat poster in Brighton.

But happily, many of those cats were reunited with their owner, which goes to show that with the right action, you can find your pet safe and well – usually with a neighbour or maybe a little bit stuck in a garden shed down the road.

And remember, if your cat is microchipped, it is a whole lot easier to find out that you are the owner, because it will hold your details on it.

If your cat has gone missing, here are a few tips to help you find your kitty quickly:

Don’t panic

Your kitty may be having fun playing with the cat next door and forgotten the time, so it is best to stay as calm as you can so you can find him or her quickly. And some cats simply going missing for a few days on an adventure and will arrive safely on your doorstep.

Call your cat

Call out the name of the cat for a while. If after 15 to 30 minutes your cat isn’t home then it may be time to check around your house for places they may have crept into, such as bushes, garages, sheds or bins.

Ask your neighbours

Knock at your closest neighbour’s houses and see if they have seen you cat and if they could keep a look out. If you cat remains missing for longer than a day, it may be a good idea to widen your search area and check with neighbours in other roads.

Check your pet insurance

Some insurance providers will provide you with help, such as money to print posters and flyers if your cat has gone missing.

Print posters

Create posters that you can stick around your local area. You should provide the name of the cat, the age, where you last saw him or her, whether they are microchipped and your name and number. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to contact you, so ensure you are near your phone as much as you can in case anyone calls. But be careful, putting your name on public posters can also mean you may be prey to false phone calls, so take care if you go to meet someone who you think has found your cat – never go alone.

Contact us

We can post pictures and information about your cat on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to spread the word to as many people in the local area as possible.

Call your local veterinary surgeries

Unfortunately, some cats may go missing because they have been injured, so it is worth checking local vet surgeries, the RSPCA and Cats Protection to see if a homeless or injured cat has been found.

Put your cat’s blanket in the garden

The scent of your home can help your cat find their way home, so you can try and help by placing objects, such as cat toys, with your house scent in covered areas of the garden.

Don’t give up

I have known cats to go missing for weeks only to return to their owner with no explanation to their disappearance. If a week or so has passed it can be useful to refresh your posters in case they have been ruined by the weather. Also, check in with neighbours regularly to find out if there have been any sightings.

If you have lost your cat, please do get in touch on any of our social media networks or email publicity.cpbrighton@gmail.com and we will help get your cat back home and safe.


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