Want a better world for your cat? Support our Cat Manifesto and email your MP

We all want our beloved cats to be safe and we want to feel confident they will be protected from harm in the outside world. That’s why Cats Protection presented our Cat Manifesto to Downing Street last month to lobby ministers ahead of the General Election to help get closer to our vision “of a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs”. We want a better world for our cats to climb and jump in. You can help by emailing your MP.

24% of all households own a cat, so many people are impacted by the rules and regulations governing our feline friends, such as landlords who prevent tenants enjoying the companionship cats bring or the risk of an attack from a dangerous dog. From regulating breeding and the sale of kittens to clear labelling of toxic products and making it compulsory to microchip cats, the manifesto tackles the 10 key issues affecting cats.

Cat Manifesto

Cat breeding

Update the law to control the breeding and sale of cats to reduce the number of unwanted kittens.

Cats and housing providers

Government recognition of the needs of people with cats or other companion animals in rented housing and care homes to allow people to keep their pets.

Care and wellbeing

Government recognition of the benefits which cats and other companion animals bring to health and personal wellbeing when an individual’s care needs are assessed.

Label toxic products

Clear labelling of flowers, plants and household products that are toxic to cats so cat owners know which to avoid.

Ban snares

An outright ban on the use of snares on the basis they are inhumane and cruel and inflict suffering, injury or death on animals caught in them (which includes cats).

Prosecute owners with dangerous dogs

Update the Dangerous Dogs Act to allow prosecution of dog owners whose dogs attack, injure or kill cats.

Educate children

Inclusion of animal welfare in the National Curriculum so all children learn about responsible pet care.

Compulsory microchipping

Make it compulsory to microchip owned cats.

Regulate air guns

Much stricter regulation on the ownership of air guns and crossbows to prevent injury or death to cats shot by such weapons.

Keep a database of cats entering UK

Create a national database to ensure that a central record is kept of all cats entering the UK legally so those entering illegally without a rabies vaccine can be identified without delay.

Support the Cat Manifesto with a letter to your MP

Please support our work to create a better future for cats by emailing your MP to urge them to back the 10 priorities and protect cats from abandonment, harm and neglect. Let Caroline Lucas, Simon Kirby, Mike Weatherley or your local MP know how important this issue is to you. Please do not underestimate the power of your email: it really could make a difference!

For more information, read the Cat Manifesto in full and follow the campaign hashtag on Twitter #CatManifesto.


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